Organization Animal Transport Course

What’s included in the course?

Animal Transport Laws & Regulations

1. Starting up your program

Starting a transport program can be overwhelming. So many questions and not sure where to start? This module will help you break everything down.

Animal Transport Laws & Regulations

2. Laws & Regulations

How can you engage your volunteers to help with your transport program? Where can you find volunteers across the country? We show you what you need to know.

Volunteer based transport

3. Volunteer based transport

Needing to source or send larger numbers of animals? In this section we’ll give you the ins and outs of higher volume transport including up and coming transport hub models.

Transport Coordinator

4. Transport Coordinator

Creating and managing transport requests can be daunting. We break it down step by step to understand what goes into creating and managing a transport. From communicating with volunteers to monitoring the progress, we’ll have you up to speed in no time.

Volunteer Liability

5. Volunteer Liability

The most often asked question when using volunteers for transport is “What is our liability if something goes wrong?” Problems are rare but they can happen so in this module we explain to you the basics of volunteer liability.

High volume transport

6. High volume transport

When you’re ready to move more animals you’ll want to check out our module on high volume transport. We walk you through how to scale from single animal transport using volunteers, to using your own vehicle or even other commercial transporters.

Transport Hubs

7. Transport Hubs

You’ve probably seen transport hubs up all over the U.S. and they are all the talk in animal welfare forums and conferences. If you’ve wondered what a hub is, how it can be used and what makes it different, then you’ve come to the right place.

Technology supporting transport

8. Technology supporting transport

Did you know there are custom-built FREE tools for animal transport? We cover the industry leading technologies as well as unconventional ones to consider.

Aviation transport

9. Aviation transport

Do you know what weight and balance is and how it affects the flight? Be prepared the next time your pilot tells you about IFR conditions affecting your flight.

BONUS: Preferred Volunteers

BONUS 1: Preferred Volunteers

If you have amazing volunteers and want your transports published to them first, setup a Preferred Volunteer List. Doobert allows you to send your transports to this list first and then to the amazing Dooberteers if your volunteers aren’t available.

BONUS: Coalitions

BONUS 2: Coalitions

Animal welfare is hard so many organizations join together into coalitions to help one another. Doobert is the ONLY software that support working together in coalitions and in this video we’ll explain the ins and outs of coalitions and how to get yours setup.

BONUS: Your Organization Public Page

BONUS 3: Your Organization Public Page

Every approved organization on Doobert has their own public page which you can link to from your website.  Your Doobert public page will automatically list your open transports and other information for working with your organization.

BONUS: Animal Profile Alerts

BONUS 4: Animal Profile Alerts

If you are a destination organization, you want to receive alerts when there is an animal matching your criteria that is available for transfer. We’ll walk you through how to setup your alerts so you get notified only of the animals you want.

BONUS: Disaster Mode

BONUS 5: Disaster Mode

Did you know you can switch your Doobert organization into Disaster Mode and it will automatically change your Doobert public page with information you setup to engage your organization in disaster mode?

BONUS: Publishing transports to Facebook

BONUS 6: Publishing transports to Facebook

Doobert is the ONLY software for transport and the ONLY software to automatically publish your transport needs to your Facebook page or group. Leveraging your Facebook community to get your transport filled. It’s easy to setup and only takes a few minutes.

BONUS: Your Rescue Store

BONUS 7: Your Rescue Store

If you’re selling t-shirts, cups, magnets and other items, then Doobert is the place for you! On Doobert, you can quickly and easily sell your stuff and even do auctions!! Watch how easy it is to set this up.

BONUS: Fundraisers on Doobert

BONUS 8: Fundraisers on Doobert

Doobert was custom-built for animal welfare their fundraisers allow you to easily transfer information on your animals directly into a specific fundraiser. Imagine being able to setup fundraisers for every animal with the click of a button.

BONUS: Volunteer Transport Rules

BONUS 9: Volunteer Transport Rules

You likely have specific rules you want your volunteers to follow for your transports. Did you know Doobert allows you to specify rules for your volunteers that they have to agree to before transporting for you? We’ll show you how these work so you can get started.

BONUS: Trading Post on Doobert

BONUS 10: Trading Post on Doobert

Have you ever wanted to share the overflow of cat food you have with other organizations? Are you looking for other organizations that have a surplus of puppy food? Then the Doobert trading post is for you. It’s like a swap meet just for rescues and sheltersmore.

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