Zero in 2025

Take The
Zero in 2025
If you could save an animal from euthanization while your
Kuerig brews your morning cup of coffee, would you?

We can eliminate the euthanization of healthy animals by 2025 simply by moving them from areas of oversupply, to where there is more demand.
Time Left to Reach The Goal


1 every 16 seconds
Animals euthanized so far in 2023
4 Million animals are euthanized each year. 1 every 16 seconds of every hour…of every day simply because they are in a location where there is more supply than demand. Imagine if Wal-Mart destroyed existing cans of Coca-Cola because more Coke was being delivered.

We destroy healthy, adoptable animals rather than transfer them to where there are people waiting
to adopt them simply because we do not have the shipping capabilities of Amazon.
But we HAVE the ability to safely move the animals through a
volunteer relay transport so they have a chance at life.
Will you join us and take the challenge?

Oscar Animal
Sadly Tristan was not
transported in time…